Gift Ideas for Dad

November 17, 2021

Dad’s are notoriously hard to buy for, so one of the gift guides I wanted to get posted ASAP was this gift guide for dad. I’ve rounded up a few different gift ideas for dad;  so that hopefully you find the perfect gift for your dad!

As always, don’t forget that all of my gift guides for this year can be found in one spot:

Holiday Gift Guides

Gift Ideas for Dad 2021

I hope you all have a great day ahead! For anyone who follows my instagram, you know I’m up North for work and had the craziest trek up here, ending with Air Canada loosing my luggage! After having to attend court yesterday in jeans and a Christmas sweater (what I wore in on the flight- *so awkward*) I did some shopping last night. There is one mall in this town so I went there to buy basics/toiletries and grabbed a new suit, top, and some cozy pajamas. Thankfully I actually really liked what I found, but still this was a very expensive life lesson to always pack at least one outfit in my carry on!

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  1. Julia Rees says:

    These are great gift ideas! I love that firepit!
    So sorry that your luggage was lost and yes, definitely a good idea to pack at least one outfit in carry-on! I bet everyone loved your Christmas sweater though!
    Julia x

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Julia! and ugh ya it’s been the worst – literally been brushing my hair with a fork lol. The Christmas sweater definitely brought a lot of smiles, so that was nice!

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