Gift Ideas for Your Husband / Partner

November 15, 2021

gift guide collage gift ideas for your husband

I’m kicking off the holiday season here on LLB today with my first gift guide of 2021; gift ideas for your husband / partner! When I polled my instagram followers about who they wanted to see curated gift guides for the number one answer, by a landslide, was for husbands/boyfriends/fiances.

I totally get it, men can be hard to buy for!

I wanted to kick things off today with a small, curated gift guide of some gift ideas for your husband / partner. This is just the start of the “gift guides to come” (I’m picturing that spoken in a very Ebenezer Scrooge voice for some reason lol). Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing 4-5 gift guides per week, really focusing on what my instagram followers asked for.

There will be some generic guides (like gifts for your husband, gifts for your mom) but also some hobby based gift guides rather than just guides based on who the person is to you. These include ones like gifts for coffee lovers, gifts for book lovers, etc.

You can always check out all of my curated gift guides under the:

Holiday 🎄Tab

For today, let’s get to these gift ideas for your husband (boyfriend, fiance, etc).
Click on any of the images below to be taken to the shop page. Happy shopping!

Hope you found some ideas you like and are starting to get into the holiday spirit! Alex and I spent yesterday unpacking our holiday decor (still haven’t actually decorated, but baby steps right lol), so I’m starting to feel like the holidays are here. We also watched our first Christmas movie of the season – Love Hard on Netflix. It was honestly really cute with some funny moments, I’d give it 4 / 5 stars if you wanna check it out!

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