Ice, Ice … Baby!

February 21, 2022

ice ice baby pregnancy announcement legallee blonde

SURPRISE! 🎉 If you follow my instagram you know that last night Alex and I shared a very, very, dorky reel of us dancing to “Ice, Ice, Baby” to announce that… you guessed it… I’m pregnant!

I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you. I’m currently 19 weeks, due in July. The past 19 weeks have honestly been such a whirlwind and it’s been tough keeping this a secret. I’m going to do a Q&A blog post on pregnancy/baby Buonassisi next week, so if you’ve got any questions leave a comment on this post so I can answer!!

I also wanted to talk about how this will affect the content here on LegalLee Blonde.

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve moved a bit away from fashion content over the past year and a half. With the pandemic I just found myself shopping less and frankly wearing less ‘wear to work’ style – which was the heart of why I started this blog. My love of fashion isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so you will definitely still see fashion content here on LLB  – likely in the form of sharing trends and style tips rather than just ‘me in an outfit’ type posts. This will also be good for those of you who aren’t pregnant since my content wont all be maternity (though I’ll definitely do a maternity fashion post or two for my fellow mamas-to-be!)

With more limited fashion content, I’m not 100% sure what I will be sharing here on LLB. I don’t see myself becoming a ‘mommy blogger’; though once again I’ll share at least a post or two on this. I think I want to focus on a variety of content that is more lifestyle focused- ranging from fashion trend round-ups, to travel guides (including more local content), and product reviews.

If there is anything specific you’d like to see or a direction you would or would not like to see me go with LegalLee Blonde, I always love hearing your feedback. Leave a comment below about it or email me at


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10 responses to “Ice, Ice … Baby!”

  1. Oh my goodness, Lee, you are just full of wonderful news! Congratulations to you both! Now I am going to check out your wedding photos!


  2. Ashley says:

    Ahhh, CONGRATS! What an exciting time! And your announcement is so cute!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Lovely says:

    That’s exciting news! Congratulations!

  4. dousedinpink says:

    Oh my gosh! So exciting! Congrats!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  5. Congrats on your news, so exciting! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well 🙂 it’s your blog so definitely up to you what you share, and do post whatever makes you happy!

    Such a cute announcement too!

    Thank you for joining the Weekday Wear Link Up! Hope that you had a nice weekend! Ours was a quiet one at home as we were flooded in on Saturday and are still flooded in now.

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