All the Outfits I Wore on Honeymoon in Italy

February 1, 2022

Now that I’ve done three travel guides on the Italian part of our honeymoon, I thought it would be fun to get back to fashion and talk about the outfits I wore on Honeymoon in Italy. These are a great ‘jumping point’ if you’re wondering what types of outfits to wear in Italy (on a honeymoon or otherwise!)

First up is the above pictured Diane Von Furstenberg maxi dress. This dress was a staple for me Lake Como. Como and Milan are quite far north, so unless you’re visiting Italy in the middle of summer you’ll want outfits to wear in Italy that can keep you warmer in the chilly evenings. A long sleeve maxi dress is the perfect option – it feels fancy (even though it’s the easiest outfit to throw on and go) and it’s breathable while still keeping you warm when it’s chilly.

My DVF dress is from F/W19, but I found SUCH a similar long sleeve maxi dress for 1/3 the price!

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On the other end of the spectrum – I wore this cropped Zara blazer, with floral shorts, a belt bag and sandals on the warm early September days. This one was one of my favorite looks for the trip – it felt European without trying to hard.

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I spotted this bright yellow pant suit on display in the window of the Italian store Dixie and immediately knew I had to have it! The color is unreal and a light weight pant suit was the perfect outfit for exploring in Florence. I wore this to the Uffizi museum, the Gucci Gallery and more. I gotta say, I am so happy the ‘sneakers with suits’ trend is a thing because not only was this look on trend but it was so perfect for being a tourist and walking 20k steps a day!

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Noticing a pattern here? haha. I can’t get enough of bright colors and matching sets! This orange tweed skirt and blazer set is from Zara. It’s sold out now, but I found a $30 dupe at Shein if you’re someone who likes to shop there. I paired this set with my most comfortable wedge sandals so that it was still a ‘wearable while exploring’ look. I added my favorite stars necklace and Chanel #5 inspired earrings (they’re under $20!) to complete the look.

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Heading into the beach climate that is Positano, Italy this two piece shorts set was a staple! I snagged this at a local boutique in Positano and instantly starting wearing it. The print felt very Southern Italy to me. I wore it with my Chanel sandals (perfect for actually walking around all day). If you like the look of these sandals but not the designer price tag, I found an amazing Chanel sandal lookalike!

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Last but not least, my one extravagant outfit that I packed was my Alexia Maria jumpsuit and overskirt. I bought this for my Paris Fashion Week themed bridal shower, and wanted another excuse to wear it lol. Positano was perfect because the beach culture of the day definitely turns fancy at night (if you want it to) with cocktail bars like Franco’s filled with people dressed in beautiful outfits. This was the perfect outfit to sip cocktails and watch the sunset and talk the night away with my husband 🙂

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Thanks for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed these outfits I wore on honeymoon in Italy!

Right now, I could not be farther from a honeymoon in Italy … I’m up in Northern BC for work lol. I’m here all week doing prosecution work and I honestly love the work so much – but the living out of a hotel in the middle of nowhere… not so much haha. I’m excited though because as much as I’ve been coming up here  for work the past 6 months Alex has never been, and this week he’s coming up for part of the time and will just work remotely from here during the day. It’ll be nice to show him around this small Northern town I’ve been spending so much time in and just to have him here!

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  1. Shauna says:

    All so dreamy and that Zara set is everything!


  2. Lovely says:

    You look stunning in the jumpsuit and overskirt look and the blazer and floral shorts outfit is cute!

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    So many lovely look sweetie!

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