Baby B Is A …

March 7, 2022

Who’s ready for a baby B sex reveal?!

Baby B is a



Guys I’m still in SHOCK and I’ve known for weeks now LOL. Did you think it was going to be a boy?! I was so sure it was going to be a girl as I’ve always pictured myself with a daughter and – fun fact – all of siblings have multiple kiddos and they all had a girl first. Add in the fact that bestie Maddie has 3 girls and I just completely and solely pictured myself with a girl.

After some time processing, I can now say that I’m so excited for a little baby boy. I have been going absolutely buck wild buying cute baby boy clothes haha. Noodle already has a more impressive closet than I do 😂.  (Ps. if you missed my Q&A post, we call the baby Noodle, the post explains why).

Here’s a quick summary of how Alex and I found out Noodle’s sex. Read on if you’re interested:

Finding Out Baby B’s Sex:

Alex and I found out Noodle’s sex at 16 weeks. We had the NIPT blood test at 14 weeks which can tell you the baby’s sex in addition to the genetic screening, if you want to know it. We knew we wanted to find out (life is unpredictable enough, give me answers wherever I can get em haha!). We didn’t want to make a huge deal of the baby’s sex though, but we did want to find out together in a fun way rather than while sitting in the cold OBGYN office.

We had my OB put the sex result in an envelope which we then brought to a local bakery that I love called Edible Flours. They made our wedding cake!! We had them make a tiny sex reveal cake so that Alex and I could have brunch and celebrate and find out with cake.

On Saturday January 29th at 16 weeks pregnant we picked up the cake to find out. It was really nice having it be a special moment between us two. At this point, as I said I wanted a girl, but we both thought it was a boy based on all the old wives tales. Still, I was so shocked to actually see that blue icing inside! Alex was much more cool, calm and collected than I was (… though what else is new haha). He had no preference at all of girl or boy.

Below are two pics I snapped right before and after we found out!

So there you have it! I’m a boy mom to be! Any fellow boy mom’s out there?! Hit me up with alllll the tips and advice!

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