What’s on My Baby Registry as a First Time Mom

April 16, 2022

As a first time mom the amount of baby information coming at you is nothing short of overwhelming. When it came time to sit down and make my baby registry I decided to focus on key categories and then fill in items under the categories based on recommendations from friends/family and then take to the internet to learn about the differences in the most popular items (ex. Dock a Tot vs. Snuggle Me Organic, My Breast Friend vs. Boppy, etc.)

Below is my baby registry as a first time mom. I’ll explain a bit about why I picked the products I did and hopefully this will help some fellow overwhelmed mom’s to be out there! 🙂 We’re all figuring this out as we go, so give yourself grace and let’s enjoy this crazy time.

We decided to register on two sites, both of which have a wide variety of brands making them perfect for a registry. We registered on Little Canadian.Ca and Amazon.ca. The great part about Amazon.ca or .com registries is that you can add items from other stores to your Amazon registry list, such a cool feature! Also, Amazon gives you a generous 15% completion discount if you want to purchase anything that wasn’t purchased off your registry. They also offer 90 day returns.

First Time Mom Baby Registry:

Nursing / Feeding:

I plan on trying to breastfeed, so the products I decided on are all with that intent in mind 🙂

Elvie Curve: The Elvie Curve is a wearable silcone breast pump. This is a great option I’ve been told for wearing on your opposite breast when breast feeding to pump.

Elvie Catch: The Elvie Catch is a set of 2 breast milk collection cups.  I’ve been told these are by far the most comfortable ‘collection cups’ out there. You can wear them inside your bra when going out and about to catch milk to stock up on your supply for later.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump: Haakaa and Elvie are often compared when it comes to pumping, but this manual breast pump differs from the Elvie Curve since it isn’t for hands free milk expression, but rather allows you to manually pump. I’ve read way too many comparisons of these two options and at the end of the day I decided the best thing is to have both! Given how affordable the Haakaa is (under $20) it just makes sense to have this as well so I can try it out and see what works best for me once I’m actually breastfeeding. Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

KeaBabies Organic Baby Bibs: As you’ll see in the clothing category below, I’m focusing on getting Baby B mostly organic items. These baby bibs are ones I’ve seen a few other mommy bloggers recommend and I love that they are organic cotton, neutral prints and come in a pack of 8. Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Inglesina Fast Table Chair: This clip on chair came so highly recommended, especially if you plan on being out and about with baby a lot. Since we know we’ll be traveling to my parents, Alex’s parents and friends houses this was a no brainer for us. It’s also a great price – under $100 and comes in a ton of colors. Perfect for when baby B is a bit older! Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle: Alex and I did a ton of research on baby bottles. Since I’m breast feeding we don’t plan on needing them all the time, but I do plan on pumping so Alex can do some feeds, so bottles are necessary. These bottles have excellent reviews for mimicking breastfeeding the best – the nipple shape and the flow mimic breastfeeding – so many babies find these bottles the easiest to adjust to. Shop on Amazon.com or for my Canadians on Indigo.ca

Bath Time:

Boon Soak 3 Stage Bath Tub: This $30 bathtub is great because it works for newborns all the way up to toddlers. I’ve heard that buying a newborn tub is a total waste of money since most babies fit in it for maybe 4-6 weeks and with the direction that you’re only supposed to bath a newborn 2-3 times a week, that’s less than 20 baths in a newborn tub. This 3 stage tub, while bulky, is something you can have in your home for ages.

Earth Mama Organics Simply Non-Scents Castille Baby Wash: Earth Mama brand has already become one of my favorite brands. Throughout my pregnancy I’ve made the switch to natural products as much as possible and Earth Mama has made that easy. I love their bath soak and natural deoderant. For baby, I want to use this non-toxic baby wash.

Mama’s Baby Wash Cloths: I wanted an affordable, neutral set of organic cotton/babmoo wash cloths for baby B and found these on Amazon.ca.

Burt’s Bees Baby Hooded Towels: Honestly I still have no idea why everyone says baby’s need hooded towels, but I’ve accepted it’s a thing lol. I love Burt’s Bees Baby because of their focus on organic cotton so these were an obvious add to my registry. Shop these on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

Kyte Baby Hooded Bath Towel: I am OBSESSED with Kyte Baby!! I have bought Baby B so many Kyte Baby clothes, it’s insane. I can’t help it – i LOVE the material, it is the softest material I have ever felt and the quality of their clothes is unparalleled to anything else I’ve seen out there. So, when I learned they also made a hooded towel I had to put one on our baby registry.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Rinse Cup: A $10 must have I’m told! This cute cup helps you keep water of baby’s eyes – especially key when you’ve got a squirming older baby! Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Big Ticket Items:

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller: The biggest splurge on our registry is the UPPAbaby Vista stroller. We have so many friends who swear by UPPAbaby and Alex and I tried it out in store and fell in love with the features and the ease of movement.
**Our Debate: UPPAbaby Vista vs. UPPAbaby Cruz: When it came to choosing a stroller our debate was between the Vista and the Cruz. We knew UPPAbaby was the brand for us, but we did a lot of research comparing these two strollers. The Cruz is lighter (noticeably so I found) and it’s a bit more narrow so fits more easily through doors. In the end though what won us over was the fact that the Vista allows you to transition to a double stroller. We plan on having more kids so the ability to keep this stroller if/when we are lucky enough to have baby #2 just made the most financial and practical sense.

UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat: After much debate between this and the Nuna pippa car seat we decided on the easy of having the car seat that perfectly fits with our stroller without the need for buying added adaptors which I’ve heard can be a pain to install/uninstall. Canadians shop it here.

SNOO Bassinet: People swear by the SNOO! If you haven’t heard of it it’s a bassinet designed to ensure better sleep by following your baby’s sleep cues and adjusting gentle movement and white noise accordingly.  The SNOO is a splurge, but I’ve heard so many stories of desperate parents ordering one at 2am when baby isn’t sleeping and just finding it the most miraculous thing ever. Sleep is way too important to me to mess around with so to me this is an essential. If you’re in the US you are SO lucky – you can rent the SNOO rather than buy it, which is a much more affordable option. Here in Canada we don’t have rentals so we’re buying the SNOO and plan to resell it when we’re done with it.

**Note: We decided NOT to add a crib or glider/rocking chair to our registry since we’re still uncertain where we’ll be when baby is born. We’re still house hunting but have accepted that we may not get our dream house until after baby is born so we may just have him here in our apartment for the first few months in which case he won’t have his own room yet.


UPPAbaby Minu Stroller: This travel stroller comes highly rated (In case you can’t tell I really trust UPPAbaby at this point!) and Alex and I will be doing a lot of travel with Baby B, including flying from BC to Ontario to stay with my family when he’s just 8 weeks old, so, a travel stroller was a must for us! My fellow Canadians you can shop it here.

Munchkin Brica Magnetic Stretch to Fit Sun Shade: This sun shade came recommended to keep baby out of the sun when in the car. This one was recommended to us most because the magnetic stretch to fit design means we can move it between cars and take it with us when we travel if needed. Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Battery Operated Flexible Stroller Fan: Having a summer baby means thinking about ways to keep him cool! I found this portable fan that I can attach to his stroller and bring with us when we travel to make sure he doesn’t overheat. Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

Portable White Noise Machine for Travel: I’ve been told how important white noise is to soothe fussy babes, so when I found this portable white noise machine I knew I needed it to throw in the bottom of the stroller / the car. Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Fisher Price On-The-Go Baby Dome: I know a few parents with this and they say it’s amazing to take baby to the beach or the park! Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca


Kyte Baby EVERYTHING!! I already mentioned I’m obsessed. I bought baby a lot, but added a few footed sleepers and onesies in varying sizes to my registry.

The other clothing store I added some items from is Baby Gap. I love their newborn comfort collection and all the organic fabrics. Plus they have the cutest baby boy clothes that look like outfits for tiny old men haha.

Baby Gear / Other:

The Lovevery Play Gym: Probably the most recommended item to me of every item was the Lovevery Play Gym. This play gym was designed by child development experts and is a montessori style play item for babies from when they’re born (tummy time!) all the way up to a year of age.

Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger: Alex and I read a ton of comparisons between the Snuggle Me Organic and the Dock a Tot – honestly at the end of the day they both seem to be great places to put baby, so go with whatever is easier for you. We picked the snuggle me organic because of the dimensions – it will sit perfectly in this moses basket we got for Baby B. Shop it at Amazon.com or Canadians shop it at Indigo.ca

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini: BabyBjorn is a baby brand that has been around for ages for a reason – the quality is amazing. I have so many friends and family with this carrier and I definitely wanted something Alex and I could use to take baby on walks and while running errands. Shop on Amazon.com or at Indigo.ca for my fellow Canadians!

BabyBjorn Bouncer: I’ve seen recommendations for a few different bouncers, but I kept coming back to this one as being trusted for years as a great place for baby to hang out. Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Itzy Ritzy Adjustable Stroller Caddy: Having essentials easily accessible when using your stroller seems so good so I went with this stroller caddy. I like that it actually looks chic too! Shop on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

There you have it! My baby registry as a first time mom. I’m definitely still adding little things as I find them (my shower is not until end of May and Baby B isn’t due until July 14th) but this is a great list to get any first time mom started. Hope this helps!


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  1. Christina says:

    Congratulations! Im so happy for you
    May I ask, where did you find the looser maternity compatible white pants? Thank you
    wishing you and your family all the best! Itb

  2. Danielle says:

    It is so interesting to see what people are looking at!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  3. Lovely says:

    Fab list! The stroller looks and sounds amazing!

  4. Brena Peres says:

    Great tips and congratulations on the baby, you will be a great mother.
    I loved the post.


  5. dousedinpink says:

    My daughter just turned 21 so it’s interesting to see how different the products now! These are great choices!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  6. Ashley says:

    My friend has that stroller and she absolutely loves it! Your list is so organized and complete! 🙂

    I’m getting graphic in a fun dress in my new post and hope you’ll stop by.


    • Lee says:

      I’ve heard SO many good things about it, I can’t wait to use it! And thank you for the compliment – being organized with this was honestly so overwhelming, there’s so much stuff!

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