Static Nails Honest Review (Unsponsored)

May 17, 2022

static naiils honest review* Static Nails honest review *

I was influenced by instagram and tiktok to try out Static Nails – the reusable or ‘pop on’ nails that are blowing up the internet. Of course, I couldn’t try these out without giving all of you a fulsome, honest review. So let’s get to it!

Static Nails Honest Review:

The Details:

I ordered two packs of Static Nails, wanting to get a fun pattern for spring in an almond shape and a neutral color in a round shape. I got this tie-dye style french mani and these taupe ones.

Each package of Static Nails is between $20 – $24, making them far more expensive than drug store press nails, but way cheaper than a salon manicure and – in theory – being reusable means they’re a great deal.

My order shipped really quickly and arrived in just over a week (and remember I’m shipping to Canada!)

Pictured above you can see everything that comes in one packet of nails. I like that they have 12 size options (24 nails in all) to give you the best chance of a perfect fit. They also give you a file and their (supposedly) unique glue formula that allows the nails to have this reusable, no damage effect.

static nails honest review

The Results:

I really like how these nails look on.  … Unfortunately that basically ends the things I like about them.

Now, I will amend that last statement to say if you are someone who usually likes or is very good with glue on press on nails, than these aren’t that bad. For me, I don’t usually wear glue on press on nails, I swear by these sticker backed press ons. So, I fully admit that I am not a pro at glue nail application. I have however worn glue on press on nails before and have not had nearly as hard of a time as I did with these.

These made SUCH a mess. the pads of pretty much every finger were covered in glue by the time I was done. Static Nails gives you a guide on how much glue to use based on how long you want them to last so I went with the longest (10-14 days) which meant applying a thin layer to the fake nail as well as your real nail. This was a disaster and fail #1 for Static Nails.

Fail #2 for Static Nails … they didn’t last! At all! I’ve had them on now  for just over a week and here is the history of nails popping off:

Day 2: lost a thumbnail (glued it back on)
Day 4: lost a ring finger nail on one hand and a middle finger nail on the other (glued them both back on)
Day 7: lost a middle finger nail, and have no idea where it went so couldn’t glue it back on.
Day 8: lost a thumb nail (different thumb than earlier) and again have no idea where it popped off so couldn’t replace it.

To be honest I am *shocked* at how terribly these nails stay on. They are way less secure than the sticker back ones I love (I usually lose 2 nails total over the course of two weeks and reattach them with glue). They are also less secure than the traditional glue on nails I’ve tried which on average have lasted me 4-5 days before losing any nails.

What also surprised me is that because they are designed to pop-off and not damage the nail, unlike other press-on nails, you don’t feel them starting to get loose. With every nail I lost I had no idea I lost them and just looked down and saw them gone. I think this is one of the biggest problems with them since the whole purpose (and justification for the price) is that they are reusable. … They’re not so reusable though if you lose the nails!

Final Thoughts / Rating:

To end my Static Nails honest review here’s a summary and a star rating:

Summary: These nails look great, but don’t last as well as regular press-on nails and can be difficult/messy to apply. Only buy them if you’re okay with this.

If you’re someone who already likes glue on press-on nails, and is good at applying with glue:

3 / 5 Stars

If you’re not a nail glue expert:

2 / 5 Stars

Overall, if you’re gifted a pair of these nails, or you’ve already ordered some, they’re worth using just be prepared to need to fix them up a lot. If you don’t already have them? Save your money and order some impress press-on nails or get a salon shellac manicure instead.


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38 responses to “Static Nails Honest Review (Unsponsored)”

  1. Erica says:

    So thankful for this honest review! I’ve been thinking of trying this brand but couldn’t push myself to do it because of the price compared to drug store sets. So glad I didn’t bother!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Yikes! Sounds like more effort than it’s worth. I don’t wear glue on nails because you can’t exactly do that when you play guitar lol. But when I tried in the past, they’ve always fallen off and it’s such a chore to constantly fix. They do look pretty though! But I think I’ll stick with painting my natural nail for now haha!


    • Lee says:

      Oh ya, I never even thought of playing guitar and dealing with nails! Definitely painting your own nails makes sense!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Big oof! It’s so disappointing when something like this happens. Buuut it happens a lot, unfortunately. Almost every “hyped” beauty item I’ve seen online has let me down. It’s too bad that was the case with these nails. On the plus side, now that you mentioned them, I’ll definitely have to try the sticker nails you mentioned because those sound great!

    • Lee says:

      I know, I totally agree way too many viral beauty products actually suck lol. And yasss the stick on ones are so good! BUT they don’t last as long so just keep that in mind!

  4. Neely Moldovan says:

    This is so cool! I never heard of this! I get my nails done all the time

  5. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for this honest review and also for not downplaying the awkwardness of applying nail glue. Thank you as well for recommending the press on ones that I am now going to purchase.

    • Lee says:

      You’re so welcome! Enjoy the kiss sticker back ones! I truly love them. Tips though to make them last: 1) make sure you use the wipe thing they give you first – if you don’t the sticker doesnt stick as well and likely the nails will only last a day or two. and 2) try keeping your hands away from water for as long as you can after you do them to give the sticker time to really bond with the nail. I recommend doing them right before you go to bed so they don’t get wait until the next morning. With those two tricks I’ve managed to make the sticker back ones last between 10 days and 2 weeks!

  6. Danielle says:

    They look so amazing!

    Danielle |

  7. Diana says:

    So cute! This is so pretty.

  8. Lovely says:

    Too bad the nails didn’t last long and was such a mess. Thanks for your honest review!

  9. Yes!! I tried these and the same thing happened to me!! Big mess and didn’t stay on at all. It’s really too bad because I LOVE their designs!

    • Lee says:

      Ah I’m sorry you got these too and had the same experience! So bad eh! I also went to get a manicure yesterday and my nail tech was like ‘oh my gosh your poor nails have been so damaged – they are paper thin!”

  10. It’s a shame that these didn’t work for you! I find stick on nails never really seem to work for me, I much prefer just regular polish, haha!

    Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you had a good weekend 🙂 We enjoyed the sunshine after so many rainy weeks!

  11. Kimberly Mizer says:

    Input from a Static Nails devotee: you do have to be careful with the glue, not making a mess of that just comes with experience. I am a nail freak and have tried everything and these nails give me the most beautiful look and stay on for 7-10 days for me. I have to ask, did you make sure to use cuticle oil daily as directed? It is CRITICAL to keeping the “health” of the flue intact and helps it both to last and to break down as it’s supposed to ao no damage to nails when they do pop off.

    • Lee says:

      Thank you so much for sharing – it always helps so much to hear others reviews! I didn’t use cuticle oil; I didnt know I was supposed to so that’s good to know for future!

  12. Meghan Struxness says:

    Thanks for saving me money. My daughter was bugging me for these!

  13. DeeDee says:

    I totally agree! I bought these and they looked great after I applied them, even though the glue was a mess and they had glue dried on the top of the nails. The next day two popped off and then the next day two more popped off and the glue tore my natural nail when they came off. Not impressed, especially for the cost of them. Thanks for making people aware 🙂

  14. Christina Frost says:

    I currently have a set on for 6 days and they’re great! One nail fell off on day 5, but that’s it. I am HARD on my hands and have a bad habit of using my nails as tools. I used a brush on glue from Glamnetic, and it was soooo easy and made no mess. I highly recommend it.

  15. Klo says:

    I use glue on nails often. I have found it is much easier to apply with with brush on nail glue – way less mess! I do love Static nails – but they are pricey for everyday wear. I usually buy neutral nails from family dollar or dollar general and save the static nails for when I want to glam up a bit more or need a little confidence boost.

  16. Patti L says:

    I love Static Nails! I film my hands (I’m a quilt teacher) and they look so great! My first batch lasted 2 weeks. I’m on the second batch and I just ordered a bunch more. They only pop off when I use them as a tool…. And even then, not often. I can definitely feel it when they come off. I did buy their recommended remover and they come off easily when it’s time (but I haven’t found them to be reusable).

    This is my first experience with glue-on nails and I’m hooked.

  17. Jane Brennan says:

    Thank you for your review! I’ve been thinking of getting them!, I had been going to the salon and had my nails done, but I found My nails were getting thin and it was starting to hurt when they were removed. It took 6mons for my nails to feel good again!
    I tried out the impress on the weekend. I went to a wedding, and by the time I went home, I had 3 left. I found when the sticker glue got wet, it dissolved. So I’m on the hunt for a way to have nice nails

    • Lee says:

      Oh no im sorry that happened! Yes, with the impress wetness can definitely affect them – my biggest tip with them is to do them before bed so your hands stay dry for 8ish hours. Then when they get wet after the glue is stronger and they don’t come off easily.

  18. Amanda Dove says:

    I used this brand, thought they were gorgeous (honestly they are very pretty) but the glue DETROYED my nails. They are peeled into the quick and painful. Won’t be able to do any type manicure for months. I bought static nails special “non toxic” remover too. It wouldn’t remove butter from a hot skillet! Worthless! I’m gifting the sets I have left. Sad I can’t use them.

  19. Danielle says:

    I actually love static nails and don’t listen to negative reviews . I have been wearing them for about a year now and they lasts me about 2-3 weeks. I prep my nails, push cuticle back, buff and glue my nail and the press on and they are perfect. On occasion I may have to glue 1 or 2 back on after a week but rare. Def give them a try but have to take the time to prep your nail that is key to get a good adhesive and make them last
    I say the round lasts me a bit longer than almond or coffin style bc they are shorter and I don’t catch them on as many things

  20. Sara Grace says:

    I use Static Nails with adhesive tabs from Amazon and the combo is my absolute holy graile. I usually lose a thumb or first finger or two in the first two days, reapply with a fresh adhesive tab, and then get at least a week of wear, then with a quick hot water and soap soak they come off easily when I’m ready for a change. That setup is so non-damaging my natural nails have grown out so much I now need to trim and shape my natural nails to the Statics — my natural nails have never been this long in my life.

    When I travel and want longer wear, I put a dot of glue on the tip of my nail so that if there is damage, it’s at the tip and can be cut off (but so far, after soaking the nails loosen enough for me to get a drop of their remover underneath, and then the little dot of glue releases, but any glue residue on the nail is out of the way of my adhesive tab application area, so they are easy to clean and reuse).

    I agree with skipping the full glue application— I didn’t like how they felt fully glued, and had a hard time removing them, breaking several in the removal process. But the adhesive tabs are amazing!

  21. Lisa says:

    I totally agree with your review. I was really disappointed with Static Nails. I think Impress are the best.

  22. Adriana G says:

    I should read this before purchase $70 in this really bad quality nails. Definitely we expected be better than the sally ones ($6) but really . Super weak ends and mine just broken the same day , next day I had to force to take off and throw them away. I said ok probably were that package, I tried another package purchased and they were the same and the glue didn’t work at alla. I had to used the first one. I wrote to customer service and the answer was obviously bad just opened product is now allowed to return and refund , that is not new . I just wanted to get a better answer or refund after my really bad experience. So I definitely will return the unboxing ones at least to recovered some of my money and don’t wasted here. Thanks for reviewing about this product.

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