Family Halloween Costume Idea Flamingos

October 26, 2022

It’s almost Halloween!! If you’re looking for an easy family halloween costume – this DIY costume is perfect! Especially as a last minute costume idea!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet – perfect for a family costume, you can have people just wearing all pink (like me), someone wearing grey and then an inflatable pool flamingo, and for a baby it’s so easy; get a pink onesie or romper and DIY feather wings!

Baby Flamingo Costume Feather Wings DIY:

– cut out two cardboard wing shapes (slightly longer than the length of the arms of the outfit)
– hot glue feathers in a row, working from the bottom up to cover the ‘root’ of the feathers
– hot glue the top edge of the cardboard wing to the shoulder seam of each arm
– et voila! so easy!

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