The Best Clothing Stores & Boutiques for Boys

March 11, 2024

With my ‘baby’ approaching 2 years old, (cue mama tears over time flying by lol), I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on the best clothing for boys. And I mean COOL boy clothing. Clothing that is well made and stylish. None of these bright colored dinosaurs on scratchy fabrics over here!  I thought I loved fashion for me, but let me tell you I have fallen so hard for styling baby boy and toddler boy outfits.

Without any further ado, I wanted to share my list of the best clothing stores / boutiques for baby boys, toddler boys and little kids. Many of these have discounts for new shoppers; I’ll share the details of each below! If you have any questions let me know, and if you have a fav boys clothing boutiques that are not on this list, definitely let me know in a comment so I can check them out!

The Best Clothing Stores for Boys:

Little Bipsy – $$$ – LB is definitely my favorite place to buy Oakland’s clothing. Run by a fellow boy mama out of the PNW the quality is unmatched and I love the stylish silhouettes and how easily items mix and match. They’ve got a great community as well on Facebook, search Little Bipsy VIP that often has discount codes. If you click the link to shop, you should get $10 off your first purchase (if over $35).

Noodle the Label
– $$ – I’ll admit, I first went to this brand because of the name (LOL Oakland’s nickname is noodle) But this brand is SO good. They make sunglasses and hats that are stylish but functional. The sunnies have UV400 protection, so important for little eyes. You can get 10% off of you first order when you sign up for their emails.

Little Rad Things – $$$ – The ultimate surfer vibes. Think beach baby meets the coolest pop-punk kid from your youth lol. People loveeeee their clothing. There’s a huge following for LRT clothing, which also really helps if you want to re-sell when your boy is done (lots of BST groups on facebook) so you can really get a good chunk of your money back, which is always a nice bonus. I have a discount code with them – take 10% off every order by using code LEEANNE72164.

Little Honeys – I love this boutique! Think smiley faces, lightening bolts and checker print. It’s so cool. You can get 10% off first order when you sign up for emails.

Shades of Summer Kid – These are the coolest baseball caps for kids, and they have a few accessories and clothing items too. You can get 10% off your first order by subscribing to their emails.

Worn Wild Boys Apparel  – $ – $$$ – This LA based boutique carries the coolest little boys clothes. They carry a few of the other brands on this list, so it’s great if you only want one or two things from the other retailers (and don’t want to deal with shipping costs) since you can combine items here and get a massive order of amazing stuff (..or at least I can’t check out without realizing I’ve added like 10 items to cart lol. If you shop through this link I’ve shared you’ll get $10 off your first order. You can also get 10% off your first order with email subscription.

Lenox James – $$ – I love the styles at this boutique possibly the most of any store on here.  They are also (slighly) better priced than most of the others. My only caveat with them is that it does seem to me like they copy designs a lot from other brands (like Little Bipsy) and, if I’m right, I don’t love that they’re ripping off another mama owned business. That said, I haven’t heard LB ever address this, so it may just be a coincidence. In any event, I do still shop their pieces (at least until I hear a reason not to!) and have been really please by the styles and the price point. If you shop via the link I shared here you can take $10 off your first order of $50 or more.

And there you have it! Of course I do also shop big box stores on occasion for Oakland’s clothing (I find the best of them for cool boy toddler clothes to be H&M and Target) but I try to shop the above stores more often than not. I did just get Oakland this $8 ninja turtles graphic tee which is giving me alllll the nostaglia feels haha.  I also got him this diggers graphic tee  because while I love getting him “cool” clothes; I will always get him things he loves, no matter what and right now he is obsessed with diggers lol. I do like that this tee isn’t too “cartoon kid-ish”, it looks cooler, while still giving Oakes his beloved diggers.

PS. To my regular blog readers / followers: HI!! It’s been a hot minute since I did a blog post (sorry!) and I miss them! With social media, posts get buried in days, where as this way I can share reviews, thoughts or anything that I think you may want to bookmark or come back to and have it easily accessible to you. So, I’ll be trying to share more posts in the coming months.

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