Intersectional Feminism – And How This Upper-Middle Class White Girl is Learning To Be a Better Feminist

(PSA: Here’s the link to this amazing feminist bomber jacket) Hey my wonderful, amazing, bad-ass LegalLee Blonde readers! I know most of you identify as feminists, and are all about promoting equality between the genders… View Post

Real Talk: Why We Need to Talk About High-Functioning Depression

Two celebrities, Katherine Noel Brosnahan (Kate Spade) and Anthony Bourdain took their own lives last week. In addition to the usual onslaught of media attention and best wishes for the loved ones they left behind,… View Post

Real Talk: Why I Will Always Tell Young Girls They’re Pretty

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Real Talk: Botox (FAQ’s & My Personal Experience)

Let’s talk Botox. Yes, I get Botox and have done so for nearly 3 years. I’m not here to ‘advocate’ for Botox, or in any way tell anyone they should or shouldn’t get Botox, but… View Post

Real Talk: Women Pay More Taxes. Period.

Concerned by this title? Me too. But before discussing this, let me start by introducing a new category of posts here on LegalLee Blonde – Real Talk. As much as LegalLee Blonde is a source… View Post