Everything You Need to Know About Aruba’s Flamingo Island

Spending the day at Aruba’s Flamingo Island (Renaissance Island) was the highlight of my trip to Aruba last week, and an experience I’ll never forget. I shared a number of videos of this beautiful island… View Post

Aruba Favorites

While I’m not sure my brain has fully registered that I am back home and no longer on a sunny beach in Aruba, my body certainly has! It was negative 2 degrees today (… 28… View Post

Striped Set & My Travel Adventure Bucket List

I am back from Aruba! I am already missing the sun, the sand … and temperatures nice enough to wear this striped two piece set haha. I had the most amazing week in Aruba (I’ll share… View Post

NYFW: Day One

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Dubrovnik, Croatia – What to Do

I saved the best for last! The last Croatian city guide I have to share with you all is Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik was our last stop in Croatia, and it a city that is full of… View Post