Message to My Law Clients

Hi there, are you a current or prospective client looking to contact me? For whatever reason the google algorithm has decided to put my blog at the top of the results when you search for my law practice. I’m not sure why, but here we are. If you’re looking for my email or phone number to contact me, you can always get that info on the Law Society website’s Lawyer Lookup page.

Since you may have some questions after stumbling upon this page, let’s answer some FAQ’s and things you may be wondering, shall we?

Do you a Have A Fashion Blog?

Indeed I do. I started LegalLee Blonde shortly after becoming a lawyer as a creative outlet and a means to share wear to work outfits with other young professional women. I was a big reader of fashion blogs but noticed that there were very few focused on professional attire and work day looks so I decided to start one.

Since that time back in 2014, LegalLee Blonde has expanded into a blog that talks about fashion, beauty, travel, home decor and career advice.

How Can I Take You Seriously When You’re a “Fashion Blogger”?

The same way you would take your banker seriously if you found out he or she was in a band, or your real estate agent seriously if you found out they bred show dogs.

People, even lawyers, have interests outside the law.

Did you know there is a local judge who plays in a professional band? Or a Crown prosecutor who teaches yoga? How about a defense lawyer who ski races, or a defense lawyer who is a non-fiction author?

You may not have heard of these people’s interests since they have a less of a public / online presence but I every one of them exists here in Vancouver.

Having an outside interest does not change my legal skills or my ability to be a criminal lawyer, just as it does not change the skills and ability of any of the above mentioned judges, crowns or defense lawyers.

Does Blogging Take Away From The Time You Spend on My Case?

Not at all. Criminal defense is anything but a 9-to-5 job as it ebbs and flows when it comes to the workload. When I am in the middle of a case that is my focus, and when I have a break in cases and some downtime I blog. I will always dedicate the time and attention needed to each of my client’s cases.

Will Your Blogging Negatively Affect Me?

No, in fact it may even have the opposite effect! Blogging is a passion of mine, but it is also one way I make an income. As you may know, I take on both Legal Aid cases and private retainers. The added income I make blogging is a big part of what allows me to take on deserving Legal Aid cases (despite the low pay) and keep my fees for private clients low. I am proud to be able to offer my excellent prices to my private clients and a huge part of why I can do that is the significant additional income I make here on LegalLee Blonde