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Gifts for the “I Don’t Need Anything” Dad

November 24, 2022

Bar far the most requested gift guide I get asked for every year is gift ideas for dads, with the most common specifications being “gifts for a dad who has everything” or “gifts for a dad who says they don’t  want anything. I make it my mission every year as your trusty Christmas elf lol to find gift ideas for dad that aren’t the same…

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Gifts for Your Mom / Mother-in-Law

November 17, 2022

Moms and mother-in-laws deserve extra spoiling during the holiday season (I think!) and I personally love finding gift ideas for them. These gifts should be thoughtful and also something they will genuinely use / that is tailored to their personality!  If you saw my Gifts for Your Husband post, you’ll know the way I’m doing gift guides this is with a category blog post like…

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Gifts For Your Husband / Partner

November 13, 2022

Happy holiday season everyone! I am so excited to bringing you my 2022 holiday gift guides. They way I’m doing gift guides this is year is that three times a week from now until December 1st I’ll have a blog post with a broad category of gift recipient, ie. gifts for the man in your life – today’s broad category.  Then, within the post you’ll…

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H&M Fall Picks

November 10, 2022

With fall/winter squarely upon us, I wanted to share with you all my H&M fall picks – ie. what I just ordered from H&M’s new arrivals. There are some great trendy pieces this year that can easily be added to your existing fall/winter wardrobe to give your fall favorites a trendy 2022 update. I’ll share details on each of my picks below. And for a…

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Harry Potter Characters Family Halloween Costume

October 28, 2022

Harry Potter Characters Family Halloween Costume! For my last family Halloween costume of the year I couldn’t resist sharing some Harry Potter characters. I love this family costume because you can easily add people since there are so many characters. We wore this with my niece Maia who dressed as Hermione. Alex, as you can see, is Harry Potter, I’m Fleur Delacour and Oakland is…

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